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ITA in the Press

ITA in the Press

Newly elected President of ITA, Tarcisio Celestino sets out his strategy in this Q&A

03 October 2016

Q  You were elected President of the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association during the ITA General Assembly last April in San Francisco. What is your own perspective of countries's demands by countries regarding tunnels and underground space? How do you see the future of the tunnelling industry?

A  The economic configuration is currently changing. In recent years, we have faced a long-lasting economic slowdown, during which everybody tended to curb their long-term investments. Yet, and it is good news, we are, now entering a recovery phase, which implies new investmentsin tunnels and underground space....

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New President sets roadmap for ITA progress

02 September 2016

On taking up his position as the new President of the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA) in May 2016, Tarcisio Celestino of Brazil is interviewed by Camille Blain of the ITA press relations agency to present an insight into the strategy for his presidency during the coming three years.

Question: You were elected President of the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association during the ITA General Assembly in April 2016 in San Francisco. What is your own perspective of the demands by countries regarding tunnels and underground space? How do you see the future of the tunnelling industry?

Post-Olympics in Rio: Review of major changes allowed by the tunneling industry

31 August 2016

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — The Olympic Games in the “Cidade Maravilhosa” may have come to an end, but even after the effervescence of such an event, it is now obvious that Rio has risen as a vibrant global metropolis. According to the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA), it is time for the tunneling industry to review and highlight projects that were part of the Olympics success. If this worldwide competition was a particular moment for athletes to shine, it was also a momentous occasion for the tunneling industry to introduce major projects undertaken in the city. Indeed, as the organizer of these Olympic Games like previous cities: London, Sochi or Beijing, Rio had to prepare and make some improvements; numerous projects were launched in order to facilitate mobility and access to the different venues.

Bay Area conference draws 2,000 tunnel experts from around the world

02 May 2016

The conference-goers that filled the Moscone Center really -- yes -- dig tunnels.

Making subterranean sexy, the annual World Tunnel Congress in San Francisco drew 2,000 engineers, developers, scientists, project owners and governmental reps to what was billed as the largest gathering of tunnel experts in history. They've been talking dirt and drills, soil and shale. And commiserating about the unimaginable pressures -- think seismic, financial, political -- that they labor under. And all 2,000 of them appear to be deeply passionate about the underground.


L’aménagement des sous-sols des villes en question

18 February 2016

Ce 2 février, s’est tenue, au siège de la Fédération nationale des travaux publics (FNTP), une journée d’échanges intitulée : « Penser la ville avec son sous-sol ». L’occasion pour les participants de prendre connaissance des résultats, à mi-parcours, du Projet national « Ville10D – Ville d’idées ».

Le concept de « Ville durable » est à la mode. Si, dans cette optique, les aménageurs, et d’autres avec eux – architectes, élus, entreprises, etc. – s’intéressent communément aux équipements bâtis en surface – et à l’optimisation spatiale et fonctionnelle de ces derniers –, qu’en est-il des espaces souterrains urbains ? « Nous sentons aujourd’hui qu’il y a un désir d’utiliser les sous-sols des villes. Mais, jusqu’à présent, nous avons décidé d’y implanter uniquement des équipements techniques. 

ITA COSUF Hosts Workshop and Site Visit

08 January 2016
Networking is one of the most important activities of modern business life. For the members of ITA COSUF this is a lived experience. “Regularly we organize for our members this private workshop to use our excellent network to discuss and inform about the latest topics in the field of operational safety and security in underground facilities,” explains Dr. Roland Leucker, chairman of ITA COSU. Most recently, ITA COSUF organized a workshop and Oct. 28-29, 2015, in Hamburg, Germany.
Around 30 ITA COSUF members took the opportunity to visit the Elbe Tunnel with a Tunnel Ventilation Demonstration, the Elbe Tunnel Control Center and the Operating Center of Hochbahn (metro and public transport operator of Hamburg) in the northern waterside metropolis.


11 December 2015
The ceremony of the Oscars of the underground took place last night in the charming and fascinating Hagerbach test gallery in Switzerland. The first night of the ITA awards ended with a huge audience and was followed on the internet through social networks.
Perhaps the most coveted prize for the major project of the year goes to the Eurasia Tunnel in Turkey.
However, the first night of the awards speaks mainly Italian with two awards that go to the station “Toledo” in Naples and to the enterprise “Salini-Impregilo” and the addition of a well-deserved lifetime achievement award for Prof. Eng. Pelizza of the Turin Polytechnic.

ITA Tunneling Award Winners Announced

07 December 2015
On Nov. 19, the International Tunneling Association presented its inaugural tunneling awards at the Hagerbach underground test facility in Switzerland. Taking tops honors were:
  • Major Project of the Year (over €500 million) –Eurasia Tunnel Project
  • Tunneling Project of the Year (between €50 million and €500 million) – 1st Phase of Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility Construction
  • Outstanding Project of the Year (up to €50 million) – Norsborg Metro Depot
  • Technical Innovation of the Year – Innovative Vehicle-mounted GPR Technique for Fast and Efficient Monitoring of Tunnel Lining Structure Conditions
  • Environmental Initiative of the Year – The Corrib Tunnel Project – tunneling in environmentally sensitive area
  • Safety Initiative of the Year – MineARC Systems Compressed Air Management Solution
  • Innovative Use of Underground Space – Toledo Metro Station on Line 1 in Naples
  • Young Tunneler of the Year – Karlovsek Jurij
  • Contractor of the Year – SALINI-IMPREGILO
  • Engineer of the Year – Parsons Brinckerhoff-WSP
  • Lifetime Achievement – Prof. Dr. Eng. Sebastiano Pelizza

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