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The Robbins Company
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Solon, OH 44139

Tel: +1 440 248 3303

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Web: www.robbinstbm.com

Your Partner in Tunneling

The Robbins CompanyAt Robbins we know tunneling is tough, but we believe your partnerships shouldn’t be. The Robbins Company provides comprehensive solutions to the world’s most challenging TBM tunneling projects in soft ground and hard rock, from the cutters at the face to the continuous conveyors at the back. Whether the tunnel is in abrasive quartzite or watery clay, Robbins is with you every step of the way—from TBM launch to breakthrough.

Total Supply Company

The Robbins CompanyRobbins is a total supply company, offering everything from cutters and stacker conveyors to knowledgeable field personnel and technical support. Robbins’ time-saving Onsite First Time Assembly (OFTA) method was first used at Canada’s Niagara Tunnel Project in 2006 and continues to be successfully carried out on multiple projects and with all types of TBMs. The method results in significant time savings and cost reductions for the contractor, all by initially assembling the TBM at the jobsite rather than in a manufacturing facility. The method has been used most recently for Vietnam’s remote Thuong Kon Tum Hydroelectric Project, nearly 90 km from Ho Chi Minh. Components for the 4.5 m diameter Main Beam TBM were transported on 95 km of dirt roads to achieve the successful assembly.

Robbins’ field service personnel bring years of engineering experience to each project. In mid-2013, personnel will help guide the transport of large TBM components through San Francisco, California’s narrow and steep city streets. The team will then oversee the onsite assembly of two 6.3 m (20.7 ft) diameter Robbins EPBs in dense urban surroundings for the city’s Central Subway project.

Continued Success in Hard Rock and Soft Ground

The Robbins CompanyRobbins EPBs continue to show their reliability and robustness, even in some of the world’s most difficult ground conditions. Recently, Mexico’s largest infrastructure project, the 62 km (39 mi) long Emisor Oriente Wastewater Tunnel, achieved a TBM milestone. The first of three Robbins 8.93 m (29.3 ft) EPBs completed the critical Lot 1 portion of the tunnel in challenging mixed ground conditions after rescuing a Herrenknecht EPB that was stalled.

In Andhra Pradesh, India Robbins Field Service crews are assisting contractor Jaiprakash Associates Ltd. in the challenging excavation of the world’s longest tunnels without intermediate access. The 43.5 km long AMR water tunnelis being successfully built in remote conditions through extremely hard and abrasive rock exceeding 300 MPa, and under extreme circumstances that included a once-in-a-century flood.

Robbins innovations will continue to advance into 2013, with major hard rock and mixed ground projects underway around the world—from mine access tunneling using a hybrid TBM in Australia to. For further information on tunneling projects and groundbreaking R&D, visit www.TheRobbinsCompany.com or call +1 (440) 248-3303.

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The Robbins Company

Telephone: +1 (440) 248-3303

Website: www.TheRobbinsCompany.com