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ITA-AITES Secrétariat

c/o EPFL
GC D 1 402 (Bât. GC)
Station 18

CH 1015 Lausanne

Tel: + 41 21 693 23 10

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ITACUS vision 

We believe that the use of underground space can significantly contribute to meeting global urban challenges:

Helping cities cope with rapid urbanisation and the related shortage of space;

Making cities more resilient against natural hazards and the effects of climate change.

By telling the world and engaging fellow professionals in a global urban underground future conversation ITACUS is working ‘for an urban underground future.


ITACUS mission

Through outreach and advocacy with strategic global partners, ITACUS endeavours to further the cause of underground space and help cities cope with some of the major challenges they are facing in relation to sustainable development and resilience.